recovering the ottoman

so, we went to goodwill and got this amazingly comfortable, but very rough looking chair and ottoman set… it was $29 for the set!! can’t beat that!! unfortunately, i forgot to take a pic before i started ripping the ottoman apart, but here is a pic of the chair to give you an idea…


it was a brown/tan color, but had LOTS of dirt on it… and a few rips and tears… the ottoman was not in better shape… so first i recovered it in this gray upholstery fabric and here’s how it looked with the sofa:


but it just didn’t look right… i liked it… but it wasn’t awesome… and the pattern – while nice on it’s own – was a little busy… so i decided to go back to a variation of the original fabric… i chose gray instead of brown… here is the difference between the patterns:


i decided not to replicate the “cushion” and the piping on the ottoman… so here’s how it came out….  20160211_200423

it looks nice… and compliments the other furniture much better… and!! because i had some left over fabric from the ottoman and from the curtains, i made a couple pillows!! (curtain fabric on one side, ottoman fabric on the other)…


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