vase boxes…

another scrap wood project!! these took almost no time and are super cute… i couldn’t decide whether i like it better stained or painted – so i made one of each! 🙂

i did the stained one first… and basically just took some 1×3 scraps and made a small box, leaving the sides open… next i took a hole saw and cut three holes in the top piece…. i marked the first one at the absolute center… then the second one was centered on the left side (between the end and the first marking)… the third one was centered on the right side (same spacing)….

after cutting the holes, i used my dremel to sand the holes so they’d be a little smoother… (the hole saw tore up the sides)…. ready for the vases! here are the ones i chose:

i realized after putting the vases in place that the vases sat a little lower than i’d like… so i just cut another piece of scrap wood to add to the base… it raised the vases to where they are sticking out just a bit over the top piece… i think the extra piece of wood actually gave the piece a little more interest… so rather than see it as a fix for a problem, i choose to see it as an interesting modification…

here is the finished product for the stained version:

and here is the painted version:

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