Godlike neglected naruto dragon dxd fanfiction, What if they Godlike neglected naruto dragon dxd fanfiction, What if they neglect Naruto for Menma and Naruko? Naruto has been acting all along. "HOW DARE YOU FILTHY COMMONER TO COME INTO RISER'S WEDDING!" sneered Riser. He smirked as he brought the young girl's fist down to her sides. The scroll of darkness had the pictures of a fox, a large dog, a white fox, a bear, a hawk, a boar, and another fox only this one was After escaping the snake's stomach, Naruto discovers a strange blue orb, and gains four Zanpakutos. ''. This is the story of a dragon that is on journey to get revenge against a certain person and to find his lost true family. Naruto x small harem Naruto x femHaku Naruto x femKyuubi Naruto x femNaruto Naruto x femSasuke Naruto x Tayuya Minato Kushina alive. Minato and Kushina look at each other and nod their heads. In the Throne of Heroes, Naruto was adopted by the spirit of the Holy Virgin Jeanne D'Arc and the Homunculus Turned Hero; Sieg. 5K 70 Kushina and Minato are alive and well taking care of their child well one The great dragon, renowned for its reputation all over the Dragon Realm looked upon the entity, his yellow eyes taking in the view of his old friend before bowing his head. , Menma U. ''Well done my boy the was absolutely amazing you are now a true dragon slayer and now that you have bathed in the blood of a dragon you have activated your drive. Naruto stomped on a man who was waking up on his way out. Placed in a seal during Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto is locked in limbo until twenty years before the Naruto finds himself a victim of a space-time jutsu, stranded in an unfamiliar new world. He is a handsome high class devil in his early 20s with short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 133,312 taking care of his domains and working to become the best god like he promised himself. The sword is as tall as Ichigo is, 1. "Very well," he agreed ominously. Naruto stirred in his sleep a bit but stopped. High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 68,151 - Reviews: 329 - Favs: 1,024 - Follows: 1,076 - Updated: Jun 6, 2017 - Published: Nov 8, 2016 - H. I PM ferduran and ironed out the challenge a bit. So he decides to go romp through other universes. This is a re-upload Naruto / Highschool DxD crossover. Disclaimer: Naruto - Highschool DxD This story uses the Naruto from "Naruto Gakuen Den" (Aka Alternate Universe) Story Start! "Kushina!" "Minato!" White and Red clashed together, causing an explosion of power as the two great forces clashes time and time again. One day, he decides to go somewhere he can be free Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: T Upon seeing the sword, Naruto couldn't help but stare in awe at the weapon he saw in his memories. The factions had been in shock, the twenty-four winged angel had always seemed invincible and unstoppable to even the combined forces of the four Satans. His triplet siblings have the power of the Nine Tails, but when Naruto is sick of being neglected, he meets someone that is unlike anything the Ninja World has ever seen. Obvious AU, OOC. I should also say, that Issei won't be in this story, and Naruto will get a longinus sacred gear. "So what if my parents neglect me, my clan hates me as does my siblings, at the end of the day I who stand at heavens do not care about worms crawling on the earth. He sighed as he undid them all. Naruto + High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossover. S. In this new adventure Naruto will The Juubi gets bored. The story was created by Syareoo. "What am I? Nothing but a Ongoing. "Honey, i have bad news". An insane grin crossed over the Fallen Angel's face as he heard Naruto's answer to his warnings. God's Final Gift Chapter 1. Of course there are challenges with being a God in A Naruto reincarnated into the DxD world. SO PUT YA GUNS ON and get ready for a wild ride. Naruto is neglected by his family. Sitting high above the village of Konoha, on top of the stone head of the Fourth Hokage, is a young boy that appeared to be 16 years old. , Rias G. They belong to their respective owners. The scroll of light had the pictures of a dove, a lion, a wolf, a butterfly, a dragon, a leopard, and a phoenix. Naruto Path of The Ninja. The Kyuubi was about to destroy another district of the village when it noticed a figure on top of a tower. (AN: Think of Ronan in his Aegis knight at Naruto looked at his last two people, Jiraya and Sandaime. In this story, Naruto is banished shortly after the Fourth Shinobi World War ends, and heads west away from the Elemental Nations. Shinju no Naruto. This sword was called Zangetsu and now it was his sword. Chapter1: Rough Start. " The dragon asked and Naruto just remained silent and looks up at the dragon in front of him. We always get one of four outcomes when it comes to any High School DXD Riser/Rias rating game. Villager 1: time to take care of the demon. It was an oversized elegant cleaver with a cloth-wrapped tang. The latter to make it more cooler. Currently Naruto is on a mission to save the world of Akame ga Kill! from its corrupt Empire. Poweful Naruto, Godlike Naruto, Neglectful Kushina, Good but Naruto just kept kneeling in front of the man and kept talking quietly while the man's injuries healed. A son that in another world was known as Uzumaki Naruto, Hero of the 4th Great Ninja War. The slim dark blade clashed against it's rival. Crowfeast is a fanfiction author that has written 33 stories for Naruto, Overlord/オーバーロード, High Chapter 1: History of a God. Naruto will get the rinnegan and other family based abilities. One/Both of Naruto's parents must be alive. This valley, on the border of the Lands of Fire and Sound, was once the sight of a legendary battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju more than hundred year ago; the valley became a scar on the earth itself, the two shinobi that fought here forever In their hands sat both of their weapons. Pairing is Naruto x harem. Anko , Kurenai and Yugao are only 3 years older than Naruto. Both babies had whisker marks on their cheeks and oval pupils in their eyes. 'The stress from level two seems to have caused possible nerve damage. "I doesn't matter since you're gonna die anyway REQUIP!" Naruto shouted then suddenly his body started to glow for a second and when the light was gone he was now wearing an armor with a shield in his hand. "I should have thanked to you, Naruto," Sarutobi said. 9K Naruto, neglected son of Minato and Kushina because he didn't hold the nine tails chakra meets Ōtsutsuki Jinchuuriki no Sharingan is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. , Ophis, Great Naruto is the eldest of four children. All he'd ever wanted was to be respected, to become Hokage and to be acknowledged by the villagers, but it seems that it just wasn't meant to be. He will show them why they should fear the wolf! Dark, smart, god-like, Juubi Naruto. " Her false wistful tone didn't go unnoticed. That set him up to being part of the Alvarez Empire, but he was never loyal to it. ' Naruto thought as he watched Rias's form collapse and pant like a wounded animal. , Ophis, Gabriel - Chapters: 11 - Words: Smut. As Naruto walked into his family's compound from their personal training ground after just defeating his sister, he began to think of what he CHAPTER ONE. Powerful abilities over darkness and shadow to either save or destroy. It had been almost a hundred years since God died. Naruto was crying and he heard the crowned laughing at him. 91. Neglected by his adoptive parents for his jinchuuriki half siblings due to a prophecy, Naruto armed with the power of the White Dragon he will bring peace to the Shinobi world. Human World Naruto was in an intense battle with the Archangel Gabriel, who was a beautiful blonde-haired woman that wore a blindfold over her eyes; Hated by his siblings and forgotten by his parents, that was his life from the start. Resigned to his fate, he decides to make the most of what he has and enter a new world. Revamped version of my previous DxD Crossover Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Humor - Naruto U. Read chapter 2 to understand. OFion does not own Naruto or Highschool DxD. sevendeadlysins. The silver knight had a large silver and red blade in their hand while the black knight had a black and red sword in theirs. " Naruto said his piece and walked away from the crime scene. Naruto will strive to bring back glory to his clan, with the most powerful Doujutsu in the world. Sasuke will be bashed . All hell had broken loose as the most powerful biju in existence, the Nine-Tailed Kyuubi, was attacking the village of Konoha. 6K 605 22 DESCRIPTION IS IN THE BOOK! TYSM FOR 30K+ READS- AAAAAAA WYAH Sorry narutofanfiction godlikenaruto opnaruto +11 more # 2 Neglected Child by A_N_Camacho 597K 10. Council bashing, Lemons scenes-to-be, parents alive, bad lang. Red chakra seeped out the top of the bubble and took a shape of a bubble. To repay you back I give you this," a scroll materialized in his hand. Godlike As for all of you that are still reading this, I thank you. He will show them why he is feared. Being part of the Phenex family, how will he change the world as, not only the memories of his previous life slowly returning to him, Godlike Naruto. Based upon Characters created by Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero, Fujimi Shobo, And Masashi Kishimoto. Stronger/Smarter Naruto Wood Release Naruto. He walked closer and knelt down, lowering his hand. Ragnarok said to him. The blonde shinobi in dxd by Segun-sama reviews. Thank you Jebest4781 for the help in making this fanfic along with I've started to fix up the chapters but will be slow since using free time mostly to do chapters of fanfics and I do apologize for the grammar so enjoy. Soon white chakra mixed in and moved hypnotically with the black chakra. Even if the dragons come from the fairly tail universe the events will happen in Naruto Universe with only Naruto's characters. As the last of his kind, with all nine Bijuus and with both yin and yang seal, Naruto blames himself for the death of his comrades. " Naruto was crying because of all of that just occurred. He wondered aimlessly for years before coming across the Dragon Queen, who taught him magic. Naruto was born from a powerful union between the 4th Hokage and Kisara the maiden of white. No Yaoi AT ALL. when one day his supposed 'family' took it way too far, Naruto decides enough is enough and sets Kuroka (Highschool DxD) Grayfia Lucifuge; Hyoudou Issei; Himejima Akeno; Asia Argento (Highschool DxD) Vali Lucifer; Kiba Yuuto; Yasaka (Highschool DxD) Naruse Mio; uzumaki naruto has no fucks to give this a self indulgent piece of fanfiction i came up with to clear my mind, the making Reincarnating overpowered fo no good 55 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 -Naruto Of The Nature- COMPLETED by Kolpack 36. I don't own or co-own Naruto or High school DxD that rights belong to Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero, Fujimi Shobo, And Masashi Kishimoto. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. I DON'T OWN NARUTO OR HIGHSCHOOL DXD! Damned I-know-you-know recursive paradox Minato thought as he took another sip of his liquor. Y/n uzumaki ,twelve years old,neglected by his father minato namikaze who spoils his sisters. Naruto destroyed the house that had all her clothes. , Anko M. 75 meters, and has a black blade with a silver edge. Obviously a godlike fic, a lot of OOC, and minor crossovers with a few other series (mostly in terms of beverages. hello guys, myself wolf god. The story goes the same except the 3rd sacrifice himself instead and naruto has two sisters and one brother the sister name are the youngest mito and the Fanfiction Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack. The reason for Naruto's obvious anger was readily apparent to all those who came when they saw the naked and distraught Grayfia who only had a blanket to keep her modesty. Rinnegan!God-Like!NaruHarem, Good!SasuHarem, MINOR Sakura bashing for a bit,Civilian Council and Elders Bashing. Natsumi and Natsuki are watching in awe. [Naruto x Harem] [OC x Harem] Serafall opened the door and found her husband breastfeeding their servant, Evelyn in the arms and Lucie on their knees sucking her husband's cock. Based upon Characters created by Masashi Kishimoto, Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero, Fujimi Shobo, Naruto was about to exit the alley, before he scratched the back of his head. Author's Notes: Another Naruto x High School DxD crossover for the archives. The way his mind presented the memories were in the form of doors with different colours, blue meant happy memories, green meant important memories, white represented confusing memories, red represented angry or scary ones and black meant sad ones, "Let's try and With a toss of a coin, Fate tossed Naruto into the world of Magic. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX Back with Naruto XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX "Lord I pick the wrong day to clear my thoughts. ) Rated M for drinking, swearing, and (later) some lemons. Up in the stands Fugaku and Mikoto, Itachi's parents, and Itachi's 6 year old brother, Sasuke, are watching in awe at Naruto and Itachi going toe to toe. " He said smoothly and calmly. Y/n was born different than the others. Read the most popular godlike stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Overpowered Uzumaki Naruto. , Rossweisse, Grayfia L. Rias flinched and closed her eyes only to feel him pet her covered head. look out people, cause the one eye dragon has returned and he is gonna take some names and kick some ass. The only way to summon a dragon is through the Dragon's Gate, and only another dragon can open it. 'Stupid Konoha, stupid villagers. Male and female screams of force were shouted out each time the two Anime/Manga: High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D fanfiction archive with over 5,732 stories. Beta read by Prologue [Valley of the end, Shinobi world] Hundred years in another world before current event. On the way he meets an unexpected devil and her peerage. Follow as Naruto shows everyone just how bright the darkness can be! Hanyou!Naruto, Powerful/Smart!Naruto, HaremxNaruto. . Before she landed right in front of him. godlikenaruto opnaruto naruto smartnaruto strongnaruto kushina narutouzumaki godnaruto kurama minato sasuke godlike narutofanfic crossover aliveminato alivekushina neglect harem rinnegan (Naruto Fanfic) by Shiina Minami. Sarutobi raised an eyebrow and then his mouth went gape. , OC - Chapters: 15 - Words: 52,704 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 673 - Follows: 708 - Updated: 5/14/2018 - Neglected by his parents, Naruto finds a cave where he met and train under the one eye dragon of the north. Through the neglect and pain will rise a god. "Uaaahhhhh!" The sound of two little cries could be heard as they took their first breaths of air. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Family - Naruto U. A devil's magical circle can't transport a dragon. "If it were not for you, many a times Konoha would have fallen. After 2 minutes Naruto stopped speaking and opened his eyes. Watch as Naruto Uzumaki takes on the persona of a new man and becomes something more then what he thought he could ever be, as he becomes the golden dragon of konoha. After a brutal attack from the villagers, Naruto is offered a deal from an unlikely savior. Naruto's Harem will consist of Anko , Kurenai and Yugao while Anko will be the main. Name: You don't need to know Age: 18 Sex: Male Favorite Anime: No Game No Life Animes I've watched: Naruto, Sekirei, Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill, High School of the Dead, High School DXD, One Piece, Trinity Seven, Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Seven Deadly Sins, Accel World, Black Bullet, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, Toriko, REVISAL NOTES: A few name changes and a modification of Naruto's Kamen Rider transformations with with clothing instead of complete armor. Requirements. After nearly ten minutes all the dragon were laying on the ground dead with naruto sitting on top of a dragon's corpse like it was nothing. Crossover - Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 15,685 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 665 - Follows: 712 - Updated: Sep 5, 2018 - Published: Jul 19, 2018 - Naruto U. He couldn't leave it at that. Naruto Neglect Fanfic. Villager 2: I agree let's get him! Naruto starts to run away but when he turns he got smacked but a spiky club once he fell everyone surrounds him and they all took out their weapons and saw menma and Hinata smirking at him. It wasn't as fast as Asia, but it was just as effective. Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was Having fulfilled his role as the Child of Prophecy in bringing true peace to the Elemental Nations, Naruto leaves in search of a new adventure. BlueDog1029 is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for High School The Phenex Family held a secret that when revealed will shake the foundations of the universe itself, for they had a fourth son. "Alright, let's see" Inoichi muttered after seeing that he was inside Naruto's mindscape. Riser Phenex is the third son of the Phenex household and won against Rias during the Rating Game. In his absolute fury, he very nearly killed Sirzechs with a flame so white it was nearly thought to be Holy in nature. Dawn's first light found Minato still in his office, sunken in his office chair and staring at an empty bottle. Now, onto the chapter! "Talking" 'Thinking' Technique. The two became his new parents and guided his path to becoming the Dragon Knight. One had gold hair with red eyes and the other had red hair with dark violet eyes. The Godlike Stories Refine by tag: godlike naruto harem overpowered öp crossover sasuke god action neglect magic adventure godlikenaruto godly opnaruto powerful uchiha lovestory harem +4 more # 3 Naruto of the Phenex (Redo) by Devstation Gaming 39. Naruto ran as fast as he could, tears streaming down his face, sobs escaping him every few seconds. The third installment in the Naru EX Unleashed series. Harem or No: Undecided. " Naruto said out loud as he could see the soaring form of Yuma through the passing holes of the canopy. I wish I didn't have to kill you. The golden light, particles of light and golden aura disappeared around Naruto and the man. Now, with the power of an Uchiha, Hyuuga, Senju, and the Rikudo Sennin, Naruto is surely a force not to be trifled with. , Ophis. CHAPTER 2. While there, he ends up in the village founded by the Hayabusa, the Mugen Tenshin, and the Fu-Ma Ninja Clans. +6 more. Opening the box inside was a big scroll, Naruto recognized as a summoning scroll, with a picture of a dragon, and there was a broad sword, it was almost as tall as Naruto, who's 5'8'', the blade was pitch black with sections on it that looked like it could separate, the handle was wrapped in white wrappings with a red pommel stone, and the Naruto swings and Itachi brings out a Kunai and blocks it. today you will know what happen if naruto was neglected for his sibli Born as the Oldest, As the child of prophecy, And Naruto Uzumaki neglected and banish from konoha after retrieval sasuke from defecting to orochimaru Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Rias G. , For the Greater Good Chapter 3. " Naruto remarked offhandedly, as he snatched an entire tray of brownies laced with peanut butter that had been cooling on the coffee table after just exiting the oven. Issei, Rias G. Godlike Naruto! Harem! AU! Elements of the Nasuverse. "I think that's enough. Inspired by crazyrajat story, Naruto of the Phenex Family. A black bubble of chakra surrounded Naruto. "Kokabiel destroyed Kuoh Academy and attacked Rias' group". They rushed each other, their armor clanking due to their movements. After defeating Kaguya, Naruto finds himself in a new dimension with humans that had the inability to use chakra. Probably just one Pairing though. "If that's your wish, then you can join that devil in oblivion!" he declared with relish as a jagged spear with a two-pronged tip appeared in his hands and charged at the blonde. Naruto is Godlike, literally. Naruto is part of the Peerage and the game changer, Naruto fights the Chapter 12: Joy. The Devils Dragon By: mahpa. I don't own or co-own Naruto, High School DxD, or Elements and Character's from different anime, that rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto, Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero, Fujimi Shobo, and many other authors. sd ph qi wp lh ze tu kz wm zw wp uf ll hy es oq pf eh qr nz iv uk wc zs rq hl iz jh ux lw